What is 5 Days of Twitter?

The Twitter logo

16-20th November 2015

“5 Days of Twitter” is an open online course for Swansea University staff and students. In small, daily, bitesize chunks we will explore Twitter and its potential use to support learning, teaching, and research.

During each of the 5 days, a daily post will guide you through a small aspect of Twitter and offers some suggestions as to how each feature is helpful to a professional in Higher Education, allowing you to learn all about Twitter from the comfort of your own home or office. During the course participants are encouraged to interact using Twitter with the team and each other, building their professional network as they learn to use the platform.

Join us if you’ve ever wondered how Twitter works and how it might be relevant in a professional academic context! You are also welcome to join in if you’re already experimenting with Twitter but would like to explore further how it could help you professionally.

“5 Days of Twitter” at Swansea University is being run by your librarians! Elen Davies and Sam Oakley are the two main organizers. We will also have other Tweeters on campus joining in and there will be a real-life meet up at some point in the week.

How to Join In

Please sign up to follow this blog by email (on the right) to join the course! If you are already logged into WordPress.com, you will need to sign out to get the “email” sign-up option or use a different browser. The hashtag for our course is #SU5dot  (hashtags will be explained!) if you just want to join the conversation on Twitter.

Any questions? Email Sam (s.l.c.oakley@swansea.ac.uk) or Elen (e.w.davies@swansea.ac.uk)


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